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American Women Liberation

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Did WW II Liberate American Women?

World War II did liberate American Woman .After pearl harbor,in fact ,

employers openly encouraged women to join the industrial labor pool.By 1947, 37

percent of all adult in United States were inwork force.Married women represented

over 70 percented of the increase in female employees,a significant shift away from

traditional patterns in which the vast majority of working women had been young and

single.It has also been criticized that they lost their job right after the war was ended.

But not all of them lost their jobs. Lots of them who desired to continue to work held

their positions safe.As they had already paved their way towards employment, it

wasn't difficult for them to work in different places they haven't woked before.

The most significant change that WW II brought in American Women is the end

of sex segregation in work force.Prior, they were allowed to do some so called female

jobs and live life as housewives. But during world war II they were employed in

different manufacturing jobs and the work they performed challenged


definition of womanhood.Black women were able to benefit

more from WW II.

Before the war the majority of black women were relegated to the whte woman's



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