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American Sports

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Essay Preview: American Sports

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College Sports in The Red-zone!

American sports are becoming more like a new reality show. Every time we watch a game we are clued into the latest legal mishaps of particular players. As if this type of news were entertaining, but most of us do not care. "After all sports are supposed to be an escape from the ills of our society. You want reality turn on CNN," insists Christine Brennan, a columnist of USA Today (Brennan). Perhaps this issue of bad conduct could be blamed on the college from which he or she attended. For those who have not noticed, college athletic programs are not getting positive recognition lately for various reasons colleges have been caught breaking the NCAA rules, spending unreasonable amounts of money for a chance at a title, and most importantly athletes' behaviors on and off the field.

In a movie called "Bluechips," Shaquille O'neal was a successful high school basketball player. He was a poor boy that grew up in the bayou of Louisiana. Before graduating high school, he had recruiters from Louisiana State University at his front door asking what it would take to get him to commit to their school. He was pretty much the school's ticket to a championship title, so anything that he wanted was within reach. He would eventually choose to play for Louisiana State since they built a house for his family. This movie was an inspiration to many young people across America who dreamed of making it big and having anything they wanted too. It is important to develop some reform against recruiters who solicit athletes with money. Although, this movie failed to set a good example the people, who watched could be greatly influenced. Recruiters are notorious for using under the table payments as a tactic to get the best athletes in the nation. According to Alvin Sanoff, a writer for U.S. News and World Report Magazine, "More than 120 colleges since 1980 have been disciplined by the NCAA for breaking their strict recruiting rules, making under the table payments to student athletes and engaging in assorted other violations of its regulation"(Sanoff). In addition, to the money that is being thrown in the athletes face, students are sometimes told that good grades will be rewarded in return for their commitment to the school to play ball. Not every college professor is guilty of doing this; grade changes happen mostly at major colleges and universities. This type of atmosphere is unethical and against everything that a college is supposed to stand for. Therefore, we cannot blame the athletes; it is our shameful greediness too win at all costs.

Surprisingly enough, college presidents should know how to balance their funds between academics and sports. Rising expenses have forced some colleges to terminate their athletics programs completely. This in part is due to some of the schools that have to pay a



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