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American Revolution

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Their were many religious, social and economic causes and effects that led to the American Revolution but the main cause was that the 13 colonies in North America were angered over a lack of representation in Parliament, and were perceived with over taxing. This resulted in a short period of protests and demonstrations, which continued until July 4, 1776, when the American Colonists finally declared their independence. This led to the American Revolution. The war changed American society to a great extent touching upon all aspects of colonists lives, economic, social and political.

The American Revolution had a major political effect on the world. After the colonists won, a new nation was born. This new nation created new laws and new ideas such as insuring domestic harmony, promoting the general welfare, and providing for the common defense. It affected not only the colonists but the government they had to create. Document D, which is an excerpt from a Virginia statute discussing religious freedom, shows how religion not only social but politically became and effect of the American Revolution. It shows how the war resulted with religious freedom fore everyone. Document E was also a political effect of the War, it's an excerpt from the North western Ordinance banning slavery in the territories. The War brought out peace with Great Britain and according to Doc E, all the treaties were yet to include the Indians. Shown in Doc I is discussing the powers of the government and the framing of the Constitution and in some cases the Bill of Rights. It shows how the War affected the new government which the people were to create. It was to be a democratic which would be the people by the people.

The Revolution also played an important economic role by, it strengthened the economy. It also created a great deal of business for small shop workers. However, after the war, the new nation was in debt because of all the money it borrowed to fight the war. Document G is an excerpt from a letter written by Abigail Adams that expresses alarm at the mass upheaval following Shay's Rebellion which shows the economic problems that were being caused by the Revolution. Abigail Adams points out how many people were in distress, some crying out because of the lack of representation in parliament and others for the unfair taxes being placed on them. Another economic problem was pointed out by Mary Wallace through an excerpt on women's rights in Doc J. She points out that it's wrong to exclude women just because they're women. A person should be held account for who they are, not what their sex is.

The American Revolution was not only a political and economic revolution, but also a social one. It was a revolution that put behind the severe hierarchical society of the Old World and opened



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