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American Jezebel

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2 December 2017

American Jezebel

American Jezebel is an incredible story about Ann Hutchinson - a woman most would consider to be a religious fanatic by today’s standards, and how her staunch religious beliefs lead to her banishment from the Massachuchtes colony.

Hutchinson immigrated to Massachusetts in the fall of 1934. She was a mother to fourteen children, and around the newly formed Massachutes colony, Hutchinson was known as a midwife. In her early years, she spend a lot of time with her mother (who was also a midwife), and was trained by her in midwifery. Many historians argue that Hutchinson would not have had such a tremendous influence over women (and eventually their husbands and single men) in her colony without the training from her mother.

This book is authored by Eve LaPlante. She is the the direct descendant of Ann Hutchinson. The name “Jezebel” was originally given to Hutchinson by the first governor of Massachusetts, John Winthrop. It was intended as a slur. Given her outspoken nature in religious matters, by comparing Hutchinson to the biblical queen who praised Phoenician gods, Winthrop wanted to portray her as a false prophet in the eyes of the colonists and ministers alike.

The book begins by detailing Ann’s first trial and then starts to get into into Hutchinson early life and events there that lead to her becoming the woman that she was during her later years. Several chapters in the book open this way. An excerpt from one of the most scandalous trails in colonial America, followed by a detailed look into the accused life.

After a year of moving to the new colony with her husband Will, it didn't take long for her to start getting in trouble with the ruling class. Ann held regular private meetings in her home to discuss scripture, and more importantly who in the ruling class was teaching the correct version of scripture. She believed that the church put too much emphasis on “good behavior”, which often included obedience to church officials. Ann believed that true christians were not bound by “worldly laws”. This didn't sit well with the governor and many others in charge so they ordered her to stop.

Hutchinson, who was adamant in her beliefs, defied the order and continued private meetings in her home. This lead to her trial, and being labeled as a satanic worshiper and in some cases, a witch. She was eventually banished from the colony.

After her banishment from Massachusetts, she took part in forming



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