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American Goverment

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In 10 years from now, I see Cassie Logan, on the front page of every

newspaper and magazine, for becoming a successful Civil Rights Leader. She

would be just like Martin Luther King Jr. except a female. She would tell her stories

to the world and people would listen. Here's more of my thoughts on all the

wonderful things in the world I think I would see Cassie Logan exceeding in.

First off, I think Cassie Logan is a very strong little girl. She went through

Racisim and didn't really understand, but she was very bold and wise about the

whole situation. So thats what gives me that lightbulb in my head for some great

careers that she will receive later on in life. Obviously my choice was a Civil Rights

Leader. Like I exclaimed before, I think that would be a good task for her to try to

conquer. In the next few paragraphs I will go into detail and make a ending for the

story. It may not really make sense because It is fifteen years later in the ending but

in the end it will come together just like the movie. So here is the ending of my story.

Cassie, now 22 years old, married, with no children has just graduated with a

full scholarship from 6 years in the University of Mississippi. She had married

Jeremy Simms in her fourth year of college. Cassie had gotten her Masters Degree

in Psychology, and is a volunteer at her community's revival-telling families the

stories of descrimination and how it effected many lives both then and now. She is

very down to earth and smart. She has been trying for months to talk to the Mayor

about letting her use City Hall and to give lectures and tell stories to children. But he

has not yet responded. She firgured he was just busy but after awhile Cassie

realized that all the other requests from other citizens were being answered before

hers. She sent in the request long before any of the other citizens did and they got




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