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American Dream

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My American Dream

In our American society, you often hear the term “American Dream” used. So, what is an “American Dream” and how can you achieve the dream? Many people, including author James Trustor Adams have attempted to define the American dream but, in my opinion, everyone has a different dream that the next, due to different upbringings, personal beliefs and viewpoints. Everyone has a different idea of what their dream should be.

My personal American dream is being successful in all aspects of my life. When I graduate high school, there is absolutely no looking back. I would like to go to UCLA or USC depending on my career path. I would like to become either a nurse, veterinarian or litigator. Of course, failure or a basic lifestyle isn’t an option. After I graduate college I would like to be married to a fairly wealthy man, most likely at age 25 and begin my comfortable life with a family. If my family is financially stable enough for me to own my own business, retire early or work long hours, I would prefer not to work. I will have worked hard for my degree and to have a fruitful, fulfilling business. Work should be so enjoyable that it doesn’t feel like “work”, it should feel natural and you should be passionate about what you are doing. After most likely working for a few years, I would like to start my family. I would like one boy and one girl, a golden retriever and maltipoo, a Mercedes Benz or range rover, a preferably large, nice house with a must-have feature being a pool. I definitely prefer the nice things in life but I don’t expect to just have them. The most important part of my dream starts with hard work and dedication. My parents are very much my role models. They have taught me to overcome the perplexities and quagmires of life. I aspire to be like them. They have worked hard for what they have and they have passed down the idea of working for what you want. Most things in life are not promised or given, life isn’t fair so it is very important to be ahead of the game, use your resources wisely, use your time wisely and always have a “plan B”. Yes, I want my dream to work out in my favor but there can always be unexpected experiences thrown at you when you are trying to obtain your dreams. Never say never. An important part of my dream is also asking for help, going through life alone is hard enough but if you have people who are there for you, it becomes a lot easier. If I am ever struggling, I know that I can always depend on my mother. My mother is one of my biggest role models but an important role model in my life is self-made entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian. She is a business woman, strong, independent and wealthy. I aspire to be like her in those ways to assist becoming closer to living my American dream.



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