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American Dream

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Elbert Jones III

Ms. Palmgren

Throw out history every American has always tried to gain the say thing the American, but since the Baby Boomers and Millennial generation the way of attaining the American dream has changed a great deal. The American dream is an idea that is important to every American a great paying job, with loving family and friends. Attaining the Baby Boomer generation American dream was a little different then that the Millennia’s.

With the president of the United States of America being killed on television being on of the most important thing I the Baby Boomers generation this brought the people together in away. The Baby Boomers generation family was a very close one the American dream was very important to the people of this time. With the technology of Baby Boomers generations not really being were it is today the American dream was obtained a lot different then the Millennial. A high school education was very important to the men and women of the Baby Boomers generation. Most of the rich or successful men in the families of the Baby Boomers were in the military or work manual labor job. Education was not really important at this time unless you were a teacher doctor or lawyer. The man was the leader in the home he work all day and came home to his wife and kids.

The wife played an important role in the American Dream in the Baby Boomers generation, her role was to stay at home and raise the kids. She did not go to school she would stay and help her kids with their homework and have dinner done by the time her husband was home. She did not any kind of education to gain her American Dream she only needed to find a man that had a good job and money. This made the woman’s role in the Baby Boomers really important because she would have to selfless and very giving. Her sons were raise to follow his father footsteps and either take over his job if he worked in a plant or follow his footsteps and join the military. The first born son in the Baby Boomers played an important role in the American Dream he would work at the age of sixteen or start a learning trait in high school. His little sister would watch her mother and learn every



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