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American Dream

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Colin xxxx

March 19,2008

The American Dream

Per. C

The American Dream, a fond memory.

July 4th 1776, Thomas Jefferson one of the most influential of the founding fathers and former president of the united states signs his name to the final draft of the declaration of independence, rendering us a free nation. Jefferson signs his name not only to a piece of parchment,but an ideal. An ideal that propelled an inadequate colony from complete obscurity to the illustrious democracy we see before us today. Jefferson signed a document that led our great nation and its great citizens out of the tyrannical clutches of the nefarious King George III and into the quelling embrace of a government based on equality and freedom. A government based on the proclaimed “natural-rights” of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Could this be the basis of the famed American dream?

The Pursuit of Happiness, is the natural right that calls for equal opportunity for advancement, achievement, prosperity, and euphoria. The requisite equality deserved by all yet received by none. The American Dream, once so vivid and picturesque now grows dull and lifeless, the once robust and passionate dream, that taught a nation that a hard work is nothing to be afraid of, but something to be revered and respected, that all you need is a dollar and a dream. Lets face it, the only thing a dollar and a dream will get you anymore is 1/4 of a tank of gas. The ideal of the American Dream has long since past, now its memory serves as a window, enticing us with a glimpse back into the true “land of opportunity”, a gander of what use to be the heart and soul of this great nation, a vivid portrait of what use to,



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