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American Dream

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The American Dream

Many people came to America seeking for a new begging, wanting to have freedom and posterity. Families from over seas sought religious freedom. This dream was beautiful and innocent, but was soon corrupted by the vulgarity of American life.

Large sums of people traveled over seas seeking a clean slate. Things were off to a good start. Everyone had the religious freedom that they wanted. Men were able to start small businesses to support their family and to have a little extra spending money for the kids. Some were not as fortunate as others. Some single women could not find jobs and became prostitutes. Drinking became a big deal in this day and age. Things started to go down hill from here.

Money played a large factor in the corruption of the American dream. Many people became so rich that they would pay off authorities to leave them alone. Such as, in the Great Gatsby, people were judged by their wealth. People were obsessed with material things, buying goods just for the satisfaction. Daisy married Tom Buchanan for his money because she loved to be spoiled, and she wanted her daughter to be "a beautiful little fool. That's the best thing a girl can be in this world" (page 4). Another reason that the American dream became corrupt was the consumption of alcohol. Prohibition, a law banning the consumption of alcohol, was enforced this resulted in the skyrocketing crime rates. Bootleggers started making and selling bootleg whiskey.

In the Great Gatsby Jay is a wealthy man and he becomes so obsessed with Daisy he nearly drives himself insane. He throws expensive wild parties hoping to get her attention. He also shows off his money by his material things. Throughout this entire story money plays a role in every single instance, whether it is throwing a party, going to lunch, buying a new boat, and other materialistic objects.




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