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Ameria's Involvement In World War 2

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When the United States entered into World War 2, it lead to an end to isolation and President Roosevelt decided to put a stop to a retreat into isolationism once the war was over. Following many conferences in December 1941, Roosevelt and the Prime minister (Churchill) then proclaimed the arrangement of the United Nations. "Which is a wartime alliance of 26 nations".( ). Next Roosevelt began arranging the organization of a postwar Untied Nations. He meted with the congressional leaders to promise bipartisan support, and that they did, the public supported Roosevelt's hard work. Later Congress passed resolutions committing the united states to membership in an international body "with power and adequate to establish and to maintain a just and lasting peace" ( ). 50 delegates from 50 nations then later signed the charter to make the United Nations permanent. Also to add to political agreement he promoted economic cooperation in 1944 the international monetary fund and the world bank were formed to block a return of the aggressive economic nationalism that had exist before the war.

Roosevelt met with Churchill and also Stalin, all through the war, to plan military strategy and postwar policy. "There policies were to enforce the unconditional surrender of Germany and to divide it into zones for occupation and policing by the respective allied forces, and to provide democratic regimes in eastern European nations." Many confidential agreements were made also. Rather than concessions in East Asia, the soviet vowed to enter the war against Japan after the German surrender.



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