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Amazon Crm Analysis

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Part 1

One of the best experiences that I have had as a customer has been with I regularly buy my schoolbooks; supplies and many other products form their online store. was launched in 1995,since then Amazon has become the biggest online retailer with a customer base of over 20 million. It has expanded from selling books to music CDs, videos, toys, electronic equipment, and anything else you can imagine., New or used.

Part 2

I'm a very loyal customer of for several reasons. First and most important because in my opinion they are one of the most customer-centric company ever. Every time that I have had any contact with the company they seem to have carefully thought about how to maximize customer satisfaction at every episode and touch point of the relationship. They try not just to satisfy your needs as a customer but, to exceed them because they know that a high percentage of customers that are only satisfied will go somewhere else.

Part 3


-Customer Preferences knowledge

-Customer Order


-Ordering and Shipping systems


-Product shipped to customers

-Delivery confirmation

-Customer Feedback


-Log in to website

-Receive recommendation based on past behavior

-Place order

-Sort order by department

-Package order

-Ship order

-Receive delivery confirmation

-Receive customer feedback

The combination and efficiency of all processes together is what makes the customer experience superior at, and a value added experience. They realize that every step on the process from the moment the customer logs in at the website to the moment that the customer receives the product and sends feedback to the company is equally important because the entire process is as efficient as the least efficient part of it.

Part 4

In my view what makes the Customer Experience superior at is that every process on



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