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Alternative Fuel

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Before it runs out

How much does your life revolve around it? What would you be able to if it is no longer there? Crude oil it is the life force behind the modern world. From everything to the loaf of bread, that that is being consumed during dinner. All the way up to the Armed Forces that allow each and every one of us to be safe at night. So the real question is; how is something so important to life forgotten about so easily? Simple, something that has always been in our lives is not an issue until it is gone.

What does the world turn to now that the very life blood of the modern world is beginning to deplete? Alternate fuels have been around for more than twenty years, but who is going to go through those extra steps when gasoline is abundant and is also readily available? The U.S. Department of Energy recognizes and defines seven different types of alternant fuel. These fuels consist of biodiesel, electricity, ethanol, hydrogen, methanol, natural gas, and propane. The United States Congress has taken an active role on making an attempt to reduce our nation’s dependence on imported petroleum products, there by reducing our demand for petroleum products. Some of things that have been done by Congress were the passing the Energy Policy of 1992, and the Alternative Motor Fuels Act of 1988.

How far does the average commuter going back and forth to work drive every day,

well research that has been done by the Transportation Research Board it has been determined that the average is around 50 miles per day. In 1980 64.4% of 133 million of daily commuters travel alone to work. In October 2007 that number has risen up to an unbelievable rate of more than 76%, despite with the last two and half decades have passed, and public education, carpooling, and public transportation have been implemented. Even in light of the current price per gallon people still continue to travel alone to work.

Even the country’s single largest consumer of oil has become one of the biggest pushers for alternative fuels. The multiyear ascents of oil is showing no kind of signs of stopping, and with Tuesday 20 May 2008 close-out of the New York trading at another record setting price of $129.07 a barrel of crude oil. Now the Pentagon is increasingly growing a major concern for the direction of which crude oil



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