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All The King's Men

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The Autobiography of Ashton Lukes

"Only the strong survive," is a quote from Henry Spencer that describes me in a nut shell. I'm a very out going, energetic, sweet, confident, easy to get along with person. However every princess has a dark side. I'm known for my strong humor and competitive ways. Growing up with a military father, a strong-minded stepmother, and having a strict grandfather is what made me who I am today.

April 17, 1989, was not only the day I was born but also the day my father became a real man and learned to care for someone other than himself. For as long as I can remember my father, John, has always been there for me, my first day at pre-school, my first basketball game, and my first day in High School. Dad has always been my shield from all the harsh things the world can bring. When my mother left us I thought my dad would never be the same. For the first time in my life I had to take care of my dad. The shield from the cruel world had crumbled and I had no time to cry about it. Growing up with my father wasn't always bad. I can truly say my childhood was as perfect as it could have been due to the certain circumstances. The most important thing my father has ever said to me was after the divorce from my mother. "Everything that glitters isn't gold baby girl, stand strong and hold your head up high because as long as we have each other impossible is nothing." Words will never be able to express how good it felt to get my father back.

Nichole Weaver has never and never will be easy to get along with however, that aspect of my step-mom is what I love the most. Out of the eight years that I've known Nichole I have never seen her give in. I couldn't tell you if it's her weird way of showing her love for me that makes me love her back or if it's the struggles she has gone through that has made her push me to do better. My step-mom isn't known for her loving affectation but I will always have a great respect for my step-mom for all the things she has done for my sister, brother, and me. Nichole has taught me that even when you're backed into a corner and there is no one on your side you always have yourself. Growing up I took that as her begin cold hearted and mean but I see now that she was only trying to protect me. Taking in three kids



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