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Alexander The Great

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Was Alexander really great? I believe Alexander was great because how many people actually keep his reputation of being great for as long as he has. Alexander's personality was outstanding, and the military strategies he introduced were like the nuclear weapons of today in ancient times.

No one person in as small of a time frame as Alexander had conquered as much land as him, or earn the title of great. His reign was 336BC to 323BC. From the time of Alexander, and before there has been many conquerors, all the way to present day. But yet only one has earned the title great.

The military strategy of Alexander the great was outstanding; the phalanx was his main fighting force. The phalanx was a group of armored men marching in a square. The men on the outside would be carrying shields which were to protect the men beside or behind them as well as them selves. The weapon of the phalanx was a 4.5m long spear, all except the front rank would hold the spears straight up to deflect incoming missiles. The front rank would hold there spears horizontal to the ground to stop the cavalry and infantry from getting close. Alexander's cavalry was amazing also; they were the deciding factor in many of his battles. Highly trained men from a young age would learn how to ride a horse and fight on its back.

Another outstanding thing about Alexander the Great was his personality. In his battle with the Persians, and his hunt for Darius (king of Persian), he found Darius's daughter, wife, and mother. He did not imprison them, or kill them. He let them keep their stature and rights of nobles, and remain princess, queen, and mother of the king.

The character, Tactics, and the outlasting name of great, are only some the deciding factors of Alexander being great. He is the greatest conqurer of all time, and will last 2000 more years in the books of history.



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