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Al Gore

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Al Gore for President

Al Gore, son of a former U.S. Senator of Tennessee and one of the first female lawyers to graduate from Vanderbilt Law School was born in Washington D.C. in Mach of 1948. In 1970 Al Gore married Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson (Tipper Gore); they have four children and two grandchildren. The Gores now reside in Nashville, Tennessee and own a small farm near Carthage, Tennessee. Currently Gore serves as President of the American television channel Current and Chairman of Generation Investment Management, sits on the board of directors of Apple Computer, and serves as an unofficial advisor to Google's senior management (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

August 1969, Gore enlisted in the army to participate in the Vietnam War effort. Gore was shipped to Vietnam in early 1971, serving for four months before being given and honorable discharge. After returning from Vietnam, Gore spent five years as a reporter for the Tennessean, a newspaper headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Gore was also attending Vanderbilt Divinity School and Law School although he did not complete a degree in either (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). The spring of 1976 Gore ran for the U.S. House, in the Tennessee's fourth district and was defeated. Gore then ran unopposed and was elected to his first Congressional post and was re-elected three times, In 1984 Gore successfully ran for a seat in the Senate. In 1988, Gore ran for President but failed to obtain the Democratic nomination, which went to Michael Dukakis. Gore served as Senator from Tennessee until 1993, when he was elected Vice President. Clinton and Gore were re-elected to a second term in the 1996 election. In August 2000, Gore ran for President only to be defeated by our current President George W. Bush. Throughout the entire campaign Gore was running neck and neck with then Governor of Texas George W. Bush. On Election Day the results were so close that the outcome of the race took over a month to resolve. On Election night news networks first called the state of Florida for Gore, then later had to retract that and call Florida for Bush. The race was decided by such a thin

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margin of only 537 popular votes in Florida for Bush. Florida's 25 electoral votes were awarded to George W. Bush only



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