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In my report , I am going to get information about aids ,I want people to know more about HIV ,AIDS and every information about this virus .first of all what I want people to know What is HIV?, Why is HIV dangerous?, And what's AIDS?

Also there is a lot of information I gathered about how long HIV will become AIDS, how to prevent AIDS, what are the causes of AIDS (how it go through the body), and also one of the most imp. Part that if their was a cure to AIDS or not .what’s also I found interesting I fount some myths about HIV how to cure it, and how to come to you. Some statistic, tables, graphs world wide by which AIDS is distributed.

In my opinion, if people knew more about AIDS and read about it would be easily gone and know one hears about it any more but if people still doesn’t know any INF. About it I think it will spread and spread



In my report, I am collecting information about aids .what does it stand for, how people react towards it, how does it transfer, what is its cure or medicine, how to prevent it and how to know if someone is infected with this virus.


This problem is a world wide problem, not only growing at one country but in the whole world. In fact it has been increasing the last few years very fast because people are not aware of what are they doing, there were also many studies that warned people against aids and that it is increasing and will increase in future


I am using the internet to collect my information from, I am getting my information from a site called AVERT, it has a lot of information



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