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Agency Theory - an Assessment and Review

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Essay Preview: Agency Theory - an Assessment and Review

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Tobin Green        36        

Jessie Miller        31        

Tylor Devereaux 42        

Cris Mercado        27        

Abby Vasek        35        

Boris Eckey        35        

Anne Rue        41        

Brooks Atwood        39        

Jeribai Tascoe        33        

Tiffany Brooks

Another week on HGTV Star, another challenge and another chance for the designers to display their taste, grace, and style. For this challenge, David Bromstad divides the contestants into four teams and gives them two days to turn a huge empty space into a livable loft with distinct areas for living, eating, sleeping, and working. Also, each designer must purchase a vintage item and re-envision it for their first Camera Challenge. The teams are:

  • Jessie, Boris, and Abby (kitchen/dining/foyer)
  • Cris and Tylor (living)
  • Anne and Tiffany (bedroom)
  • Jeribai and Brooks (office/den)
  • As a group, the designers decide on a hypothetical glam rock star client to keep the space cohesive, as well as the use of “cooler tones” like blues and purples. Then, it’s time for a trip to a vintage shop where everyone gloms onto various galvanized whosiwhatsits. After choosing her tchotchke, Abby returns to the loft to paint the foyer purple and bright blue. Cris is transforming a camera into a super nifty floor lamp over in the living area, and Tylor is turning the hood of a car into…something even less attractive than the hood of a car.
  • David arrives to take a peek at the rooms in progress and suggests that the color choice may be a little “juvenile,” which is so true. He then introduces the Camera Challenge which gives each contestant 45 seconds to show the audience how they are repurposing their vintage items. Tylor bombs, failing to get even an ounce of info into his clip. Anne is “authentic and nice.” Cris does great, too, and David calls her camera lamp repurpose “new and fresh.”  Brooks blows the challenge by teaching the audience nothing, which is weird because he’s a professor. The rest are a smattering of ordinary with a splash of adequate.
  • To address David’s concerns about the colors, Abby paints the blue walls black. This leaves her no time to shop for furniture and accessories, so she makes a shopping list for her teammates and hopes for the best. She also volunteers to sew drapes for Jessie’s kitchen area, so she’s either the best teammate ever, or the worst reality contestant in the world. Or, both. To make matters worse, she lays the finished black curtain panels on top of the kitchen counter…that Jessie just painted white.
  • With thirty minutes left, the contestants go into scramble mode. We get a few product placements, and then David calls time. In walk the panel (Vern Yip, Genevieve Gorder, and Sabrina Soto), who are immediately underwhelmed by Abby’s foyer.

Vern says it feels empty and separate, and Genevieve questions the color palette.

Tiffany and Anne’s bedroom makes everyone smile, though Vern does not like the lighting behind Tiffany’s otherwise badass headboard.

The den and music area is a hit, including the corrugated metal wall.

When the panel gets to the living space, it’s a mixed bag. While the panel loves Cris’s camera lamp, they call Tylor’s wall décor “a bunch of garbage.”

So how did everyone do? Cris and Tylor are safe, but the rest of the designers are sent in for evaluation. The panel calls the bedroom layered and appropriate, but it doesn’t have any “wow” moments. They are more excited about the den and work area created by Brooks and Jeribai, which has “fabulous ideas.” When the panel gets to Abby, they wonder what she was even doing since she seems to have spent the entire time painting rather than designing. Jessie’s kitchen is also problematic since it was so sparsely accessorized. Also, Boris cheapened his dining area with a bad fabric choice.

The panel gives Anne the win for the camera challenge, and Tiffany, Brooks, Jeribai, and Boris are safe. Then, in a battle for last place between Abby and Jessie, the panel decides to keep Abby and send Jessie packing.

Untraditional living places

4 distictint areas
work together to make design cohesive

Timeline 2 days

Starting decide who lives there: Rockstar + fashion (couple)

Anny is bossy

Tyler thinks is going to babyssiting Cris because she was not so good in the last challenge, he didn’t want to make group with her

Individual competition (so althought they don’t agrre with some aspects they don’t care because they hope others to fail)

Abby spent the majority of time painting and the other time members didn’t care about it, they were only worried about their places and what would make them show off … But then the colours were not so good so she had to paint it again … so she didn’t go to the shopping she only made a list and the other team members were there.  So basically only painted but she shouldn’t have trusted in the colleagues to pick her the things
Things are not going well for her… she even got a mistake with the cortines …  She seems very fragile


a) Impressions of the team: What are your initial impressions of the observed group as a whole (a few words is enough). What is the basis for this impression?

 Hard working, creative, competitive, heterogenic

b) Impressions of the members: Next, take a few seconds to write down your impressions of each member of that group. What do you base this impression on?         

Jessie Miller (31) – very focused on her work and not really collaborating with the other team members, she wanted to show off and succeed on the challenge.         

Tylor Devereaux (42) – Didn’t take into consideration the opinion of Cris about his vintage piece

Cris Mercado (27) – Creative, insecure, feeling pressure because of the last challenge

Abby Vasek (35) – Fragile, seemed lost maybe affected by the pressure and the fact that she wanted to succeed on this challenge

Brooks Atwood        (39)– Very creative, crazy acting seeming a bit childlike, shy on the camera         

Anne Rue (41) -         Bossy (words of other people, and the fact that she is also trying to guide Tiffany)



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