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African Americans and Police Brutality

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Essay Preview: African Americans and Police Brutality

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The article by S. Mullainathan, talks about the reasons African Americans are most likely killed by police officers. The author is an economist and also studied racial discrimination. He begun to look at these deaths from a different angle. He found an ample statistical evidence of large and persistent racial bias in other areas, from labor markets to online retail markets. He expected that police prejudice would be a major factor in accounting for the killing of African-American. But that’s not exactly what he found.

Police bias may well be a significant problem, but in accounting for why some of these encounters turn into killings, it is swamped by other, bigger problems that plague our society, our economy and our criminal justice system. African-Americans are being killed disproportionately and by a wide margin. And police bias may be responsible. But this data does not prove that biased police officers are more likely to shoot blacks in any given encounter.

There is a possibility that African-American have a large number of encounter with polices officers compared to others and every police encounter contains a risk: The officer might be poorly trained, might act with malice or simply make a mistake, and civilians might do something that is perceived as a thread. Such a risks exist for people of any race. In the end, he points out in a way that the race problem is the biggest issue: the structure of our society, our laws and policies. Laws and policies need not explicitly discriminate to effectively discriminate.

In my opinion, African American are frequently treated unfairly in general. Not only with police officers also in society as well. I also believe that police officers should be more conscious before start shooting. I understand that they are legally permitted to use deadly force when they have probable cause to believe that a suspect poses a threat of serious physical harm either to the officer or to others. But no everybody



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