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Affordable Care Act Informative Speech

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Essay Preview: Affordable Care Act Informative Speech

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Informative Speech

Affordable Care Act


Have you ever thought that why are insurance rates rising? Is there any way to put a pause one the rising rates? In this speech I will explain you why the rates are increasing and why should people signup for the ACA, the way it reduces the rise of healthcare cost, providing insurance to previously uninsured people, gives benefits, relations with customers, health quality and many more things.


  1. The ACA aims to increase the quality, availability, and affordability of private and public health insurance to over 44 million uninsured Americans through its many provisions including new regulations, taxes, mandates, and subsidies. ACA wanted to cover a lot of things like quality, availability, and affordability. The act wanted all the previously uninsured people to get the insurance. The act wanted to cover individuals under the age of 65 and ineligible for Medicare. The main focus of this was to expand Medicaid for people who were under the age of 65 and ineligible for Medicaid. The ACA expands Medicaid to center salary families; however, the greater part of the development is in the private protection advertise. Center salary families had a benefit as the Medicaid was expanded for them by ACA.

  1. ACA slows down the rise of healthcare cost by providing insurance for millions and care free which means people receive treatment before they need expensive emergency room service. A very good point was that it lowers healthcare cost by providing health care insurance for millions and people will receive treatment before expensive emergency room service. Cost of health care increased by 1.2% in 2016 which is much less than the price increase of 4 percent in 2004.Comparing the years 2016 and 2004, cost of health care was 1.2% and 4% in 2004. Health care in much cheaper in 2016 than 2004 because of ACA. The cost of healthcare has risen, but at a slower rate since the ACA was introduced. Since 2010 the cost of health care has increased from 3.5% to 5.8% per year.ACA did not give a stop on the rise of the cost of healthcare, but it has been rising on a slow rate which is good for everyone.

  1. The act allows illegal immigrants to be served by community health clinics. But they are not eligible to receive subsidy to buy health insurance on exchanges. Everyone can be served by the community health clinics even if they are illegal immigrants. But they would not receive any help from the government to buy health insurance. The benefits from the Obamacare childbirth coverage make people come to the United States so that their children will be American Citizens which makes it easier for the parents to become citizens themselves. One of the best things of this act is that people who are not American citizens and their children are citizens can help their parents get citizenship.
  1. Children can stay on their parent’s insurance until they turn 26. more than 3 million previously uninsured young people were added in 2012 which increased profit for insurance companies. One of the best things about this program is that children can stay on their parent’s insurance up to the age of 26 and more than 3 million young people were added to insurance in 2012 which also increased profit for insurance companies. This was good for young uninsured people and also for the insurance companies. Obamacare requires childbirth coverage to reduce overall healthcare costs. That's because Medicaid pays for 50% of all births. And now childbirth coverage had to reduce overall healthcare costs which is amazing because 50% of the cost of all births is paid by Medicare. The relationship with doctors is still the same. The doctor decides the treatment and insurance company decides on its coverage. Patient are really open and close to their doctors and can tell the doctors any kind of problem related to health and the coverage is decided by the insurance company.
  1. The Obamacare act has made some significant changes to the private health insurance marketplace, which affects everything from the cost of plan and what it should cover. There were some changes made by ACA in private health insurance marketplace which was important as they are too expensive, and it changed the cost and the things it should cover. The ACA has changed the way hospitals are paid. Earlier they were paid for fee-to-service for all the tests and procedure. Due to these changes’ hospitals received $260 billion less. Ways to pay to the hospitals are completely changed. this makes patient really comfortable and they can always pay later.
  1. Since ACA did cut funding for Medicare by $716 billion over 10 years, 44% people believed the benefits were cut.44% of the population thinks that the benefits were cut which is not truth at all. They think this because ACA stopped the funding for medicaid by $716 billion over 10 years. 54% Americans approve of the Affordable Care Act whereas 43% disagree, according to the poll conducted by Pew Research Centre in February 2017.According to a poll in 2017, 54% Americans agree with ACA and 43% disagree with it.


Everyone should sign up for the Affordable Care Act because it has a lot of plus points. It reduces rising healthcare cost. It gave insurance to millions of people who were uninsured before which is a very good thing. in this we get to know that ACA is full of benefits and the cost is also very less for them. People saw something good in it that’s why millions of people got insurance. And it gives a lot of benefits in which you have the freedom to choose your doctor which is a good point as you could choose the doctor you think you will be comfortable with. you can see healthcare website for the enrollment information.



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