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Aff For Health Care Nfl Debate

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Essay Preview: Aff For Health Care Nfl Debate

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I think a country should want the best for its citizens and would want them to be healthy, successful, and productive. Therefore I affirm today's resolution "A just government should provide health care to it's citizens." But before I begin I would like to offer the following definitions from Webster's New world Dictionary to clarify the round:

Just Government- meaning a "right or fair way in which a society is run/ governed"

Health Care meaning "the prevention and treatment of illness or injury."

And should- "implying moral obligation"

I am here today to prove that healthcare is a necessity for all citizens.

My value in this case is that healthcare prevents pain and promotes pleasure. As a citizen wouldn't you want to be the healthiest happiest person with out worrying about the cost, well with healthcare that is possible because equality is necessary for a government to be just because a fair government is obligated to keep its citizens healthy. And to be the best nation we better act like the best by providing everyone with the equal opportunity to do well in life, give everyone a chance and as a result not only will the citizens be stronger, but the society as a whole will. Therefore it is my sole duty to show how not only people will suffer without health care, but the societies as a whole will as well.

Contention 1: Government's have an obligation to keep its citizens healthy.

Sub point-A: the governments job is to keep its citizens healthy and in order to keep them healthy they have to be able to afford the cost of medical bills. Under the current system doctors and drug companies set prices for their services and medicine at whatever the market will accept. Since the bottom forty percent of the market doesn't have money to afford health care the top sixty percent determine the prices and maximizing your profits is a good service for cars, TV's, and anything that the public wants, but when it comes to health care the citizens do not only want health care, but need health care by definition health care is not a consumer product like a car or TV, but it is a necessity.

Contention 2: Sickness' limits not only the individual person, but the whole society as well.

Sub point-A: Anybody who has ever been sick knows that sickness limits your ability to function properly. If everyone started becoming sick, people with low income would not be able to pay for medical help, and since the majority of people with low income have unwanted jobs, no one would want to have those jobs, places like local restaurants



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