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Essay Preview: Adware

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Adware is any software application in which advertising banners are displayed while the program is running. The creators of these applications include an additional code that delivers ads that can be view through pop up windows or a bar that appears on your computer screen.

The way to detect if you may have adware on your computer is to see if you have the following symptoms. First, you will get constant web pages advertising goods that pop up when youÐŽ¦re on the internet and even when youÐŽ¦re not on. Second, your internet homepage has been changed, but you donÐŽ¦t know how it got changed. And finally, an unexpected toolbar appears in Internet Explorer and you donÐŽ¦t have a clue how that got there.

Here are some tips on how to prevent yourself from getting adware on your computer.

Ñ"Є One way to help stop pop ups from appearing on your computer is to install program that will prevent them from popping up.

o Google toolbar will also help prevent pop ups.

Ñ"Є There are several programs out there that will block pop ups. Before you install any of those programs, it would be wise to research the developer of the software and also the company who made it. So that you can be sure that they are a legimate.

o Also you have to be sure to note how they affect your system. Some pop up blockers may cause new windows from opening, such as instant messages that are being sent to you.

Ñ"Є It would also be wise to install a personal firewall. The personal firewall can help prevent malicious computers and programs on the vast internet from contacting your system.

o You can obtain a free Zone Alarm Firewall from the following site:


o You can also purchase firewall software from Norton and McAfee from most shops that sell computer software.

Here are some helpful tips on how to remove adware from your computer system.

Ñ"Є You can do a search on any popular search engines on the internet on removing adware, and you would be surprised on how many search results pop up.

Ñ"Є There are several widely used and popular software applications used to remove adware from your computer.

o Google Toolbar ÐŽV Blocks pop up ads


o Yahoo Companion Toolbar ÐŽV Blocks pop up ads


o Stopzilla ÐŽV Stops pop up ads and removes adware and spyware


o Spybot Search



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