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Adventages And Disadventages Of The Emigration

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Essay Preview: Adventages And Disadventages Of The Emigration

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Throughout history, the emigration has been a phenomenon as common as any other basic need of the human being. Emigration had a profound influence on the world in the 19th and the 20th century, when hundreds of thousands of poor families left Europe. Moreover, emigration has played a main role in the formation of the different cultures that exist today.

However, emigration, as anything else, has negative impacts as well as positive.

On the positive side, people emigrate to escape poverty if in their country there is lack of job opportunities. The skilled and educated people, such as doctors, lawyers, engineers and teachers of the undeveloped and poor countries often emigrate to rich and more developed ones, such as the United States, which offer them things that their country cannot offer. For example, there are currently more African scientists and engineers working in the United States than there are in Africa. It is advantage for the people but disadvantage for the country. Emigration can have a negative effect because it might result on a brain drain.

To young people without ties, this is something they have to try as it will be a great experience. Living in another country gives you a whole new perspective on pretty much everything. It will also gives you a greater appreciation of what you have left behind. Also student emigration is very often. The other countries can offer Better education facilities ,better university choice and these students can receive a degree which is accepted abroad so they will have better job opportunities.

Emigration can be very big culture shock. Sometimes people move to countries with big cultural differences so they will always feel as guests in their destinations, and preserve their original culture, traditions and language, sometimes transmitting them to their children. But emigrants have to get used with the new life style and traditions if they want to integrate and to associate with the locals because they are small in number. But I think gain that knowledge is advantage cause It allows to escape the familiar surroundings and



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