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Adhd in Children

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Before focusing on the main question that addresses who typically bullies and any antecedent factors behind such, I feel the need to first talk about any ties that bullying and behavioral problems might have. Though there may be lacking evidence and findings, it is known that bully-victims in particular, are known to form extreme levels of any psychiatric problems. Not only that, but any experience surrounding bullying is known to have a significant influence on physical and mental health which may lead to long-term chronic illnesses. Interestingly, when I started reading this article without any knowledge on bullying and problems, I thought that young children suffering from ADHD, and ODD were inclined to be bullied. However, the article revealed the opposite from what I thought. An experiment had shown that children suffering from any behavioral problems were predisposed to become a bully or a bully-victim. To further explain this, children with ADHD suffered from peer rejection, school maladjustment and many more due to their lacking self-control and social skills. Children with ODD problems also show similar behaviors as those suffering from ADHD, by exhibiting hostility, refusal to comply with rules and others. Such characteristics are believed to have immense influence over any interaction among children and make them be inclined to bullying. Because of their lacking social skills and inflexibility makes it harder for programs or guidance to detour these kids from bullying. However, this does not mean that all young children before the age of three are going to grow up and become bullies or bully-victims. It had been found that programs or teachings that could decrease these children’ lacking social kills, conformity and many more could effectively decrease their likeliness to involve in any bullying activities. After learning about these findings and how effective such programs can be, I feel that there should be strong need to obligatory-implement these



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