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asddffsadf Faces of Freedom: An Exploratory Essay

by: Elizabeth Whitehead

There are a multitude of varying perceptions regarding the concept of freedom. Whether

the freedom of the individual, of our nation, or of the human race--there is a constant

state of conflicting emotions in our country which date back to the colonial days. Just as

the new settlers struggled to identify and actuate their ideas of freedom, so do Americans

today. Nothing has stricken more personal chords throughout history than the struggle and

debate over differing ideologies of freedom. Furthermore, history shows that these

debates led to wars which spanned the globe and in which millions of lives were sacrificed

for freedomsÐ'â„- cause.

As I delved into this complex arena of discussion, I found this ongoing debate internalize

within me as I discovered the intensely personal nature of the topic. Many questions

arose: How do I, personally, view freedom? Are Americans governed by restrictions of

freedoms for the sake of the whole or does the government grant freedoms for the sake

of the few? Did our Founding Fathers subscribe to an ideology of freedom that persists




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