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A topic that interested me the most on was about addiction. The site listed many forms of addictions and the substances that cause them. These substances ranged from legal substances to illegal ones as well, such as alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, nicotine, and opiods. These cary different types of addictions such as mental addiction and physical addiction. The site also talked about addiction not being the end of your life and you can recover from your addiction.

Addiction is such an interesting topic to me because it is something that effects our daily lives. It can cause health problems, crime, and violence. Most people know some one who is or has been affected by addiction. Today there are many types of recovery programs in which an addicted person can enter. There are programs for all substances. The site also stated that it more people recover from addiction then stay addicted which surprised me.

If some one is physically addicted to something that means there body literally needs it to function normally. In the case of heroin which is physically addictive medical attention may be necessary during detox. The effects of withdrawal from heroin can be life threatening if not treated. Some can also be mentally addicted to a substance. A mental addiction causes a person to feel like they need a drug but in reality there bodies don't need it all. Physical addiction is usually harder and more painful to quit.

The road to recovery can be a long one but it is essential to returning to a healthy way of living. Many people choose to enter a recovery program, but some may be forced or obligated. Such as a love one confronting an addict and saying if they do not seek recovery then the loved one might leave that persons life. Also recovery can be court ordered, especially in underage people. Usually people who choose to enter a program alone are more likely to make a full recovery and not to relapse.



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