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I believe that parent accountability laws have a minimal effect on the rate of juvenile deviance. I say that because the parent accountability laws have nothing that really depends on the way that a juvenile behaves. The parent accountability laws are laws that protect the juvenile's safety and care. Certain parent accountability laws are to make sure the juvenile has a place to sleep, and also is receiving food to eat.

Who or where the juvenile wants to hangout is totally up to the juvenile. The parent can tell the juvenile who or where not to hangout at, but it is up to the juvenile to listen. If the juvenile gets punished for not listening they may not do it again. If they don't get punished then they might do it again.

Another parent accountability law is to make sure that their child goes to school. If their child goes to school regularly it will cut back on juvenile deviance. It will out back because the juvenile will be off of the streets for a little while, which will keep them out of trouble or stop them from committing juvenile deviance. In my option this is the only parent accountability law that if followed will most likely cut back or control the rate of deviance.

Meaning that not all parents send their children to school juvenile deviance is higher than it should be. We as a society can control this factor. We can do that by informing the parents when their child is not in school. If the child continues to miss school send truancy to the child's home to see what is going on.

To improve the child's behavior the parent should show their child that the love them and care about them. Children act the way that they do because they are not getting the amount of attention or love that they need or desire at home.

So when it comes to maintaining parental obligations to society for their child's



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