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Abraham Harold Maslow

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Abraham Harold Maslow was born on April Fool's day in 1908 in Brooklyn, New York. He was the first of seven children born to Russian Jewish immigrants. His parents wanted Maslow to ¬have a better life than them. His Parents' long-term goal was for him to get a law degree. Maslow went to City College of New York after he graduated and studied law. It took him a long time because he had a hard time at that college. He got married when he was in college and his bride was his cousin Bertha Goodman. When his parents found out that he was married to his cousin, it shocked his parents. He decided to go through with the marriage against his parents' wishes.

Maslow and his wife moved to Wisconsin. He went to the University of Wisconsin to spend time working with Harry Harlow; he is famous for his experimentations with baby rhesus monkeys and attachment behavior. Maslow got his bachelors degree in 1930, his masters in 1931 and his PhD in 1934, all in psychology from University of Wisconsin. In 1934, Maslow and Bertha went back to New York and Maslow began to work at E. L. Thorndike at Columbia University. After a few years he started to teach at Brooklyn College.

In 1954, he took a large body of research and came up with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. There are four levels; they are physiological, safety/security, belongingness and love, and esteem. He spent his final years in semi-retirement in California. He passed away in 1970, from a heart attack after years of ill health.



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