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About The New Pope

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"A New Pope but Not a New Path."

In this article about the new Pontiff, Benedict XVI, the author tells about Cardinal Ratzinger's life. He was known as Pope John Paul II enforcer. Cardinal Ratzinger was called many things for this such as "Joe the Rat" and God's Rottweiler". Cardinal Ratzinger is one of the most conservative men in the Roman Catholic Church today. He holds many of the beliefs that his predecessor held. Cardinal Ratzinger holds that Roman Catholicism is the one "true" religion and he does not believe in same sex marriage, or women priests, and stem cell research. Because of his conservative beliefs, Cardinal Ratzinger has alienated many liberal Roman Catholics here in America and in parts of Europe. For these reasons the Roman Catholic Church in Europe might see a steep decline because the new Pope views them as a morally decaying society in what is already a Roman Catholic declining society.

To be fair, the author of the article talks a little about the new Pope's youth. In the 1960's, Pope Benedict XVI was a liberal academic who served as an advisor to the Second Vatican Council. While serving the Council he supported many of their endeavors to opening the church. When Marxism reared its head in the late 1960's Cardinal Ratzinger was pushed to become a conservative. He became involved in the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, and became its leader in which he loosed much liberation in Africa and in Latin America.

Many Roman Catholics want to see their church reignited in Europe and the West. Unfortunately, under this new Pope, these hopes have been obliterated. While he undoubtedly is a great and capable theologian, he lacks pastoral experience and the compassion it takes to view others beliefs. While his name Benedict would seem that his mission is to rekindle the church in Europe and the West, his achievements



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