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About Me

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About Me

My name is Timmy Lau. I am senior in San Jose State University and majoring in Electrical Engineering. My family and I live in Alameda, a small town right next to Oakland. During school days, I rent a small bedroom in San Jose area for easier commute. Weekend I usually drive back to my hometown to visit my parents and to work. Since I am the only child in my family, my parents always want me to spend more time with them at home. I work at a local catering company every Saturday and Sunday. I do all kind of positions such as cook, driver, bus staffÐ'... I love this job very much because the schedule is very flexible to my school schedule. For this fall semester, my goal is to pass all my major courses with good grades. And hopefully I will earn high enough score to pass the exit exam. I am going to work as hard as I can to accomplish my goal.

Before I chose my major as Electrical Engineering back to freshman year, lots of my friends told me it would not be easy. Engineering courses require more time and more concentration to study than any other major courses. Electrical Engineering is one of the hardest majors in San Jose State University. As a teenager who just graduated from high school, I was so determined to choose Electrical Engineering as my future career field. Due to the reasons that I earn very good grades in all my math classes at high school and I always have curiosity on how those electronics work. Besides, I have to live up with my parents' expectation. They want me to be successful in this foreign country. I feel like I have the responsibility to do my best inside and outside of school and not to let them disappointed.

In my leisure time, I love to play basketball with my friends. I have been playing basketball since my 8th grade back in China. What I



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