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Essay Preview: Abortion

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Abortion is an extremely talked about now a days especially in politics. You have liberals (most Democrats ) saying that it is a woman's choice to decide what she wants to do with her body ( my body my choice) . Then you have the people who are labeled as conservatives ( most Republicans ) who believe that abortion is not OK under any circumstances,they believe abortion is murder and they are trying to be the voice of that fetus .


Women have the right to choose whether or not they want to carry a fetus inside of them for nine months . There are so many women and young teenagers who are extremely unfit to be mother's yet some are forced either by their state or by religious family members to have a child they don't want and or are they are ready to have . Here is a frequently asked question by people who are pro abortion , “ what happens to the men , boys who are the ones that are equally or fully responsible (rape) for what they did “ . Most of these men don't really suffer the same as the women they impregnated do . The men don't have to go through nine months or hormone changes , of gaining weight, and very uncomfortable nights caused by babies kicking . Some don't even accept that the baby is theirs and do nothing at all , they pretend it doesn't exist. Women should be allowed that same fate as these men do . For those men who raped and impregnated their victim usually only get sentenced to seven years in prison while the woman has that child with her for the rest of her life as a constant reminder of what happened to her .

Many conservatives believe that abortion is wrong and that it should be illegal but that also want to stop funding planned parenthood , which is quite ironic because planned parenthood gives women , and teens the access to birth control , and if they have brother control they will not need to abortions . If a woman chooses that she doesn't not want to carry a child inside her belly for nine months it should be repeated. After all women who choose to have a baby especially at a young age are less likely to get a job due to their pregnancy. There is also the case when a baby is wanted but will most likely die within a few days on this earth due to severe health problems caused in the womb . Families who have to suffer through this is horrible , but they are trying to protect the baby from further harm in the future.


Studies show that having an abortion can cause future health problems . According to Scandinavian Journal of Public Health , women who get abortions have a higher risk



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