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Essay Preview: Abortion

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Angela Schoeberl

Terry Schuurmans


Abortion Findings

I interviewed seven people. They all came from various ages, genders, and religious beliefs. The first question I asked each person if they feel abortion should be legal for all situations. Six of the people interviewed believed that abortion should not be legal in all situations. Only one person, a thirty-year old male, believed that abortion should be legal at all stages of pregnancy and for any reason.

The next questions asked was, do you believe a fetus is a living person, and why they feel the way they do. Five people believed that a fetus was a living person, but one female believed that a fetus was living only towards the end of a pregnancy when the fetus could survive if delivered. I also spoke to one man that believed that a fetus was no different then a plant. He stated that a fetus was not living until after birth.

I asked each person if he or she felt that having an abortion was immoral, and what reasons he or she believed a woman should be able to obtain an abortion. The majority of people believe that it is moral to have an abortion. They believe that if the woman is having the abortion for physical or mental health reasons. This reason consisted of rape and incest, or the woman or fetus’s health.

The final question I asked people was if their religious beliefs affected their views on abortion. Surprisingly, each person, that feels he or she is religious, stated that his or her religion had no control over how he or she felt about abortion. The majority also stated that they have views that differ from the religion on many subjects and would not let their religion determine what they believe is right or wrong.

I was surprised with my findings. I felt more woman



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