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Essay Preview: Abortion

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There are many controversies about abortion. Many people in the world feel differently about this topic. Some are pro-life, the others are pro-chioce. Pro life is totally against abortion, pro-choice believes the woman has a choice to keep her baby, or abort it. I personally believe that abortion should only be acceptable if there is a health risk to the mother or fetus, incest or rape .

The procedure also puts a lot of emotional and mental stress and trauma on the mother which is something she has to live with for the rest of her life. This occurs in 90% of all abortion cases. The woman is harmed after the abortion because it increases her chance of miscarriage and breast cancer, and may cause her to have painful menstrual cycles for the rest of her life. 25% of abortion cases report serious medical problems after their abortion and over 75% lose the relationship they were trying to save.

The law which was passed in 1972 to make abortion legal, was based upon perjury and the gaining of a �legal’ right that did not exist before and was due to the bending of the constitution and legal system. The justices made their decision because the pre-abortion crowd used false statistics, faked crisis situations and scenarios that never existed, rather than the fact of the law.

There are many ups and downs of abortion to many people… if you are a woman, it’s more understandable to you then men. Men don’t get pregnant and they don’t have to deal with the grief of carrying a child, and if they should keep it, and live a distorted life or abort it and live with it for the rest of their lives.

I truly and honestly also believe that if abortion did become completely illegal, many woman and young teenagers would resort into getting an abortion the illegal and unsafe way, which causes many infections, internal bleeding and sometimes death. I asked about 23 people if they were pro-life



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