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Essay Preview: Abortion

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Abortion has always been one of those things that I think about, but don’t know where I stand on the issue. I have written papers and been in many classes where we have discussed the issue, but I just cannot ever decide what I would or wouldn’t agree with. I think there are justifiable and unjustifiable reasons that women choose to abort. I feel like many of the reasons for abortion are unacceptable though.

I think that the only reasons I would consider abortion to be morally justifiable is if the woman was raped, or if it somehow affected her health or life. I feel like that is an understandable reason to undergo and abortion. I cannot imagine the trauma of going through a rape situation and then also having to carry his child. Most women want to forget about that and move on with their lives. I feel that I would have trouble moving on tremendously after that situation, and to have a child would just remind me of that every day. I am pro-choice if it came down to that situation. I also feel that if they ban abortions that women will go back on the streets to get an abortion performed. I think that could cause a lot of problems with their health.

Back-alley abortions are performed in dangerous and very unsafe conditions. It can be harmful to the woman. Also, if the woman’s life was somehow in jeopardy by having the baby I would be

ok with abortion. I think cases like internal bleeding, or if someone has cancer and must undergo chemotherapy then it would be ok to have an abortion performed. Those are things you cannot control and they happen a lot.

I also think there are a lot of reasons that makes abortion morally unjustifiable. I realize that sometimes men will freak out and leave the woman, but I believe that you should be responsible for your actions and have the child. I believe it is wrong to kill and innocent baby. If

anything, have the child and put it up for adoption. It is much better that way. Most women that I know who have aborted their child say they regret it. I think there are alternatives to abortion, but some women panic I guess.

I agree with this statement “We need to decide, for ethical and legal reasons, what kinds of living things a society ought to protect against being killed.” Abortion stops a beating heart. There’s too much factual proof that reveals that a baby has a beating heart long before abortion is allowed to take place.



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