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Essay Preview: Abortion

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How do teens feel if they abort a child?

Year by year, there are more and more teenage pregnancies happening around the world. According to statistics, there are 40 % of America teens who get pregnant in their teens. In Singapore, how ever, it has been showed in a recent article in the straits Times that teenage pregnancies happen to Malay youths. A number of these teenage pregnancies result in abortion. Year by year the numbers are increasing. In 1998, there were a number of 1,368 abortions made by teens and in 2002, the number had risen to 1,626. Why do teens actually resort to abortion, and how do they feel about it?

Before we learn about how the teens will feel, let us find the reason to why teens resort to abortion, instead of other methods, such as adoption or taking care of the child themselves. Well, these people may have different reasons. Getting pregnant as a teen probably means getting pregnant out of wedlock. In some religions it is frowned upon. These youths have probably faced pressure from their parents or their relatives. These youths may also face the shame of being found pregnant out of wedlock, as it is rather frowned upon by a number of people in the society today. They may also feel that they are not ready to become parents yet. Another reason is that the male may no have the courage to take up the responsibility of being a father and may be afraid of the commitment involved. Raising a child is no easy matter, and both may not be up to it.

Now we shall learn how the teen may feel after the abortion. Abortion is the act of killing an unborn child. No matter how it is viewed, it is deemed as murder in some people's eyes. The youth may suffer form depression after the abortion, as she feels that she has killed an innocent life, and cannot cope with the guilt of killing it. The youth may also regret it a few years don the road, once she has set up a stable family



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