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Essay Preview: Abortion

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A controversial issue people have been arguing over for years is if it is legal and right for a woman to get an abortion. Many people are for and many people are against abortions. Several issues surround abortions.

People for abortions see it as a right thing to do if the woman is not ready to have a child of their own. Teenagers often make the mistake of thinking that they would not get pregnant their first time. That is anything, but true. Those girls often drop out of school and hardly have enough money to raise their child. Without an abortion being an option, this exact situation would often occur. This is a high rate of rapes in the United States, that lead to women becoming pregnant. Once again, without abortions being an option, the woman would have to go through and have the baby without even expecting it. That is why people for abortion to be right and legal, think it could help someone who has made a wrong decision, or was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

People against abortions see it as uncivilized and wrong. There is an ongoing battle on whether it should be legal or not. They see it as killing an innocent baby. These people also see it as a mistake and that the woman should learn from it and not just take the easy way out.

My opinion on abortion is that I am for safe abortions. It is smart for a teen to get an abortion, because it really does change everything about your life. I am perfectly ok with the whole abortion idea. Yes, you are killing a baby, but it is more than just that. This is a woman's life , where she had made a wrong choice, and I think they should get a second chance. They are not ready for a child to come into their life, who they have to take care of every second of the day.

There will always be an ongoing battle between both sides on what is wrong and what is right. Currently it is legal to have an abortion and I hope it stays that way in my lifetime.



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