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Essay Preview: Abortion

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In the year 2002, there were over one hundred thousand abortions in the United States alone; that means that the abortion rate was 32.1 in every 100 births. In almost every country abortion has been legalized and is performed on women who have unplanned pregnancies. A woman should have the right to decided whether or not she would have a child, but I believe abortion is the wrong decision and should be illegal.

There are various options that are available to women who cannot support a child, including adoption, foster care and orphanages to those who cannot afford the cost of putting a child up for adoption. I'm sure it has been noted that I did not include abortion on that list. Abortion is murder in its finest.

Would one kill ones seventy year old mother if she could no longer support herself? I believe that one would put the reliant mother in a home where she could be well looked after. It would be completely inhumane to kill another human being, so why is abortion any different? A fetus is a living being with all the vital organs one needs to survive. It should be inhumane to have an abortion.

Abortions are very popular, and I believe that if you do not wish to have a child, abstinence and protection should be a high priority, and if it happens that a child is conceived still using this protective measures there are many more ways to give a child up. If murder is illegal and abortion is murder, then abortion is illegal. This statement is logic.



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