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Abortion Vs Adoption

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Abortion vs. Adoption

If I was with someone that was having a child and we both could not keep it, I'd probably put my child up for adoption. I'd put my child up for adoption because there are many parents out there that aren't able to have children and want to adopt. Also I'd want my first child to have a good life and grow up to be a good person even though I wasn't the one that raised him/her. Abortion is basically like murder you're murdering you're first born and you'd have to live with that for the rest of your life. It's like your taking away the babies rights by eliminating them before they have a chance at life. On the other hand people have abortions because they cannot take care of the baby or if they feel the mother cannot survive childbirth. Even then, I still believe everyone in the world deserves a chance at life so if I was given that decision Id put it up for adoption.

No I don't think abortion should be legal. The reason I don't think it should be legal is because everyone deserves a chance at life and I don't think certain people should be allowed to play god.

I wouldn't make abortion illegal either because in certain situations it's the only choice you have. For example: if a woman is certain to die if she goes through with childbirth. Her friend and family would urge her to have an abortion because they would rather have her (someone they've known for so long and love) than the baby (that they don't know). Also the baby would probably be disliked because without intention it basically killed its mother (its mother gave her life for its life).

There are a lot of things you should consider before going through an abortion. Some things you should consider are: if you're being pressured into it, what your religion says, how you feel about abortion, if you can afford it,



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