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Abortion Pro Choice Vs Pro Life

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Essay Preview: Abortion Pro Choice Vs Pro Life

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The controversy on abortion has become one of the most divisive and irrationally controversial issues of our time, turned into a legal and political power struggle with no permanent resolution in sight. Every argument that the media and the world focuses on is the differences, rather then the common ground. This subject is a very touchy subject to most people, more towards women though. I choose to write about how do we or should we interpret moral absolutes in a pluralist democracy regarding the subject of abortion.

When one thinks about this subject so many questions arise. The many questions that arise consist of what is considered human, is a fetus inside the mothers womb just a clump of tissue, or should it be considered a baby? There are so many questions that both sides use to debate. There are two sides to this debate, pro-choice and pro-life. What makes one believe that abortion is right, and what makes one believe that abortion is wrong. Many pro-life and pro-choice advocates cannot even accurately state the other sides' position; and many people cannot even state their own position in a way they would be comfortable with after even just a few questions that get them to reflect on it.

Before deciding if one is pro-choice or pro-life you would have to define the popular question, when does human life begin? There are three different theories people look from. There is the theological or religious belief faith, philosophic, and biologic theories.

The religious beliefs can be broken down into three statements. The first statement is that people believe that there is god, and every soul created by god is human. The second statement people may believe is that they also believe in god but that a human is not created until birth. The third statement people may believe is that they do not believe in god, or souls. The philosophic theory believes that a human is created when a heart beat is present, or when there is brain function. The biologic theory is one where people believe that a fetus is considered human when conception or fertilization occurs.

The first choice that I am going to write about would have to be pro-choice. Pro-choice people believe that the fetus that is forming in the mother's womb is not a human, but a mass of tissue. A mother should have the choice, after all it is her body, and if she wants to have an abortion then let her because she should control what is done to her body. Pro-choice believes that having abortions done legally controls how many people go into back alleys and have it done illegally. This usually results in the death of the mother. If abortion is legal, and a woman has this procedure done, then it will help the number of abused kids decline. One of the most abused subjects that the pro-choice believers use is the fact about rape. They believe that when a person is raped, she should have the right to have an abortion. The pro-life believers believe that just because a girl is raped, that the fetus should not have to pay. Most pro-choice people believe that teenage sex is wrong, or having sex before marriage is wrong. These are the opinions of people. There are no laws stating that you can't have sex before marriage, and that you can't have sex when you are a teenager.

Pro-life beliefs are different, much different. When one is pro-life, they are for life. They don't believe in abortions and think that it is ethically and morally wrong.

Some pro-life beliefs and pro-choice beliefs that they can actually agree on is that the ovum, spermatozoa, hair follicle, skin cell, etc... are all forms of human life because the ovum and spermatozoa are alive. They all contain human DNA. Although the ovum and spermatozoa are not human they still consider it to be alive. They can both agree that a newborn is human and that it deserves protection.

Back to the popular question, when is a human life formed. This is where the two groups really have their differences. Pro life believers believe that a baby is formed at conception, and pro choice believers believe that a human is formed when either a fetus loses it gill slits and begins to look like mammal, fetus begins to look human,, can survive outside the mothers womb, or at birth. These issues will never be settled between the two groups.

My side of the debate is that I am pro life. Abortion, in my opinion, is murder. This subject is very touchy to me considering that I just recently had a baby, and I couldn't imagine life without her now. Abortion is just wrong. If someone has sex, they should have to pay the consequences. There are so many couples out there that want to adopt children. If a woman doesn't believe she can raise a child, she could put them up for adoption. That is a better choice, then to just abort.

Consequences- based argument about abortions.

Abstract Summary


- Why abortion is Moral?

- Is it alive?

- Is it human?

- Is it a person?

- Is it physically independent?

- Does it have human rights?

- Is abortion murder?


- Christians are against abortions. Other people believe that it is only considered murder if it is as full human being. God believes



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