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Abortion: A Right To Choose

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I think abortion should be an option for women. There are 3 reasons why I believe this. First of all, it has lowered the crime rate in America. Second of all, this country is the freest country in the world and I think there should at least be the option for abortion. And finally, women should be forced to spend thousands of hours and thousands of dollars raising a baby.

Ever since abortion was legalized the crime rates have had a noticeable drop. This is because the women who would have had an abortion usually do not have time to raise a child, so those children are often neglected. Neglected children will very often grow up to be criminals because nobody taught them right from wrong, thus the crime rates raise. But since abortion has come along there have been less neglected children and stressed mothers, therefore less crime.

America is a free country. People make choices of all different sizes. Americans basically control their own lives. But why do people think abortion should be any different? If a mother does not want to have a child, then let her make that choice. How much would it hurt everybody else if that mother stops her pregnancy? It should be completely up to her.

Finally, women who want to get an abortion aren't usually prepared to have a child. They are usually young and not married, and do not have a reliable source of income. Raising a baby takes hours upon hours of work, and if a woman is not ready to devote that much time to a baby, then she should not be forced to do that. It also costs tons of money raising a child, between the food and the toys and crib and babysitters, that is probably way too much of a monetary obligation for a young woman to put up with. If she can't raise a child, then why force her to do it? Abortion should be an option.

So in conclusion, ever since the Roe vs. Wade case crime rates in America have been lowered, America is still a free country, last time I checked;



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