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Abigail William's Life

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In Arthur Miller's play The Crucible the main character Abigail Williams is to blame for the 1692 witch trials in Salem,Massachusetts.Abigail draws the interest of the reader as she is a wicked,confident girl who lies to get what she wants.Abigail is an orphan,and after she was exposed as an adulteress,she was expelled form the house by Goody Proctor;therefor,she has little standing in village .John told Abigail that the affair was over and he would never touch her again,but Abigail tried desperately to rekindle their romance .Abigail wants revenge because John left her,the townspepole looked down on her ,her life has been unfair. Abigail did not have a good relationship with John Proctor because John told her that he dose not love her anymore.Abigail loved John Proctor,but John only lusted because of strains in his marriage with his wife Elizabeth.Abigail asks John to give her a word,but he replies"I will cut off my hand before I'llever reach for you again".Abigail is deeply in love with John ,but John dose not want to be with her because he already has a wife.Abigail wants to marry John,but the only thing in the way is John Proctor's wife,Elizabeth.Abigail wants revenge so she accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft.Abigail's revenge came true when she accused Elizabeth of witchcraft,so that she can have John to herself.Abigail was crazy about John Proctor but John was not crazy about her.The reason that the townspeople looked down on Abigail Williams is that she was a servant in the Proctors household.She had little money because they did not pay her that much. Abigail had a bad reputation in Salem because of her affair with John Proctor,and the rumors spread around the town that she had an affair with an older man.There were other rumors that she and the other girls were dancing in the woods naked around the fire.Abigail did not like any of these rumors started about her,so she wanted revenge against the people who began them. Abigail's life has been unfair,because when Abigail was just a child ,she witnessed



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