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In the article Damien Cave talks about Abercromie and how it affects families, youth, and other aspects of common culture. He goes back to his childhood to bring back of a memory of his little brother calling the company "Abercrappie" because of all that it stands for. One of the major points he brings up is that Abercrombie does not need advertising, whether its on TV or even billboards. This is due to the fact that Abercrombie uses humans as walking billboards to advertise their products. He then goes on to talk about what kind of issues mothers have with Abercrombie. Some examples of these issues that he brings up is that Abercrombie 'promotes and encourage sex", "prices are high", and "marketing." Throughout this article Damien Cave shows us that Abercrombie is being to brand dominant without even really trying. They sell really expensive jeans and other clothes yet parents still buy them for their children. These kids then go out and where them in public whether it is at school at the mall or any other number of places. The other problem he mentions that goes along with the "brand dominance theory" is that when one kid is wearing Abercrombie there is a large group of kids who want to wear it , basically kids see it and kids want it. In summary, the essay goes over every detail about why Abercrombie is and will be and also what problems he sees with Abercrombie and the problems mothers and other parents see as well.



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