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Abe Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States, born on feb.12, 1809 along the rivers of Kentucky. He spent most of his childhood on the farm, hunting, and helping his mom with the chores. In 1816, Abraham and the Lincolns moved to Indiana. Soon, the young Abraham became very skilled with tools, such as the ax. He began work with the ax at age 9, until he was 24. In 1829 through 1830, an epidemic of “Milk Sick” was rumored in Indiana. So In March of that year, Lincoln and his family packed up and moved to Illinois. But 2 years later, Milk Sickness killed his mother. That same year, Lincoln attended a political rally and was persuaded to speak on behalf of the local candidate. In 1831, Lincoln made a trip to New Orleans. There, he began his political career. As soon as he arrived, he joined a political debate.

Braham has a brief military career. It started in 1832 when he ran for a seat at the at the Illinois house of representatives. Lincoln was later elected for that seat and started his plea to end slavery. During his term, a group of Native Americans launched a rebellion against the government and its officials. At once, Lincoln enlisted in the armed forces. Soon after, Lincoln was named captain. After his term ended, he re-enlisted in the army as a private. After a span of 3 months passed by, Lincoln decided to end his service and come back to politics. Lincoln returned to New Orleans in 1832, and Election Day was just 2 weeks away. It was presidential election year, and political parties everywhere elected presidential candidates. In his brief campaign, Lincoln spoke everywhere, from tiny towns to large cities, to the poor and to the rich. However, he lost his campaign to Andrew Jackson, who was looking for his 2nd term as president.

But in 1834, Lincoln had his first public stand on slavery which would change the world forever. Lincoln opposed slavery; he and a colleague declared that slavery was “made on injustice politics.” Lincoln continued to widen his actions against slavery so Lincoln ran for a seat in congress. Soon after, Lincoln was elected for a place in congress, and from here he started his largest and loudest fight against slaver. Lincoln began to ask more questions such as “why were the majority of slaves sold African, if it has nothing to do with race? Whatever happen to the home of the free if these people do not have the right to do what they want?” Lincoln and his questions provoked many conflicts in congress. He backed the Wilmont provise, which said that “slavery be prohibited by any territory acquired by Mexico.” Lincoln also put forward a program for the abolition of slavery in Washington. Although his proposal never really went to congress, it exemplified his opposition to slavery, and that moderate means by which he wanted to achieve abolition. The proposal called for the emancipation of children, born into slavery after January 1850. Slaveholders were informed that they would be compensated for their lack of losses. Lincoln then got the bill to congress, which said that Washington would outlaw slavery. At last, Lincoln



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