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Abc Inc Case Study

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ABC Inc. had a new recruiter named Carl Robins who had only been on the job for six months, yet in that short amount of time he had already recruited several potential new employees, and were getting them ready for orientation. Of the new hires, 15 were trainees brought in to work in Operations for Operations Supervisor Monica Carrolls. In order to facilitate ABC's on boarding process, and get these new recruits ready to work for ABC, Carl was to facilitate all new hire applications, and plan a new hire orientation prior to July.

Carl had notified the new hires and the Operations Supervisor that training would take place on June, and a potential work start date for all new hires would be around July 1. As the end of May rolled around following Memorial Day, Carl looked into the new hire files and noticed the files were incomplete. He also looked into the training material and discovered the same type deficiencies. Carl also noticed that each new hire was to have a drug screen prior to employment and none of the drug screens had taken place. He then checked into booking a meeting room and found none in his office building available due to a new computer software training scheduled.

Key Problems

The biggest problem is Carl was unprepared for the new hire orientation training scheduled on June 15; although telling the Operations Supervisor Monica Carols that all details of the training and preparation by the new hires would be ready two weeks earlier. He had allowed several weeks of time to elapse from early April until the end of May prior to checking through his commitments, and finding out how unprepared he truly was. He then found himself in a quandary trying to figure out how he could remedy a situation caused by his own lax behavior.

Carl had only two weeks to:

Gather all incomplete applications for each new hire

Send all 15 new hires for drug screening in enough time to get the results prior to training.

Send any new hires who had not yet received physicals to the doctor in enough time to complete the physicals and get the results prior to training.

Build a new orientation manual from the incomplete manual, and have 15 copies available for the training.

Reserve a meeting room large enough to accommodate the 15 new hires and a couple of guests.

Possible Solutions

Carl could admit his errors to his superiors, and reschedule the training for a later date, thus allowing adequate time to complete his commitments, and prepare for the training. . The later date would also allow all new hires adequate time to schedule physicals, and drug screening in enough



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