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Abandoning Abortion

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Abandoning Abortion

It is amazing to hear the continuous debates that arise on the issue of abortion. Positions are taken on 'what conditions possibly make abortion fair?', and at 'what point is a fetus really a human being?, etc.

For me the answer to all these questions is not complex. The issue pretty much is straightforward. If you interrupt the course of a life you have killed. If you intervene to stop the existence of a living thing you have killed it.

Whether 'day after' or 'weeks after', if a course of life has begun, to cut that destiny off is to commit an injustice towards that destiny.

How clear is such a crime too, the defenseless life, having nothing to do with the conditions under which it was created suffers the most harsh judgment from those responsible, from those who are entrusted with this power to conceive.

Surely if in no other scenario it is attributable, the crime of aiding and abetting is attributable in the case of abortion. Those who consent to, perform, or even hold the hand of the one under the scalpel, are culpable.

As far as the Creator sees it, and He is the one who gives the power to conceive, He says of that life ".before I formed you in the belly I knew you.." (Jer. 1:5a). He has a clear destiny designed for that individual and is prepared to provide for the individual. After all "..children are the heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is HIS reward" (Ps. 127: 3)

It is a sad state of a nation when 'murder becomes civil'. Such a nation surely is imploding, and on route to it's own collapse, once abortion is considered a legitimate option for those who have conceived.

May abortion be forever abandoned of all.



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