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A Woman In Their Lives

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THIS is written for the record. Karachi's environment is being consistently ravaged. The man chiefly responsible for the time being is the much retired brigadier of the Pakistan Army, Ahmedullah Sharif Nasir, Chief Controller of Buildings of the Karachi Building Control Authority.

On January 15 2005, the brigadier wrote a summary for the Chief Minister of Sindh in which he requested a further year's extension of his employment. The final two sentences read: "The requested extension for one year will help me in earning my livelihood. Please grant me one year extension till 10 March 2006. I will be obliged."

The summary was routed through City Nazim Niamatullah Khan, who is not satisfied with Brigadier Nasir's services. Being an honest man (how does honesty help in this country?) he admits he was pressured by the Governor of Sindh, Ishrat-ul-Ibad, into recommending that Nasir's term be extended. It then went down to ACS Local Government Saleem Khan, a man without an opinion of his own, who agreed.

Then, overlooking the fact that there is 'a woman in their lives', it was sent to Sindh Secretary (Services) Nargis Ghaloo, who, on March 8, 2005, sent a summary to the chief secretary of the province to be routed on to the chief minister, on the subject of "Extension of contract in service to Brig (R) A S Nasir, Chief Controller of Buildings, Karachi Building Control Authority."

Inter alia, she wrote in her summary : "It may be submitted that Brig (R) A S Nasir was re-employed on contract basis as Chairman, Chief Minister's Inspection, Enquiries & Evaluation Team for a period of two years w.e.f. 27/2/1999. The period was further extended for a period of two years. On expiry of his re-employment he was appointed on contract basis afresh for a period of one year w.e.f. 10/2/2003 as Chief Controller of Buildings, Karachi Building Control Authority. On expiry of his contract appointment, he was once again re-employed as Chief Controller of Buildings for a period of one year w.e.f. 10/3/2004. His present tenure is to expire on 9/3/2005.

"It may be noted that the total period of re-employment of Brig (R) A S Nasir calculates to be about six years.

"In the summary for the Chief Minister floated by the Local Government Department, the Department has not evaluated the merits of the case in light of the re-employment policy. The summary lacks following facts : (a) The re-employment policy of the Sindh Government envisages that the proposals of re-employment beyond 58 years should not be treated as routine references. In such cases it should be fully established that the Civil Servant proposed for re-employment is really irreplaceable.

"It is worth taking note of the date of birth of Brig (R) A. S. Nasir is 29/11/1936. His age is more than 68 years. The Administrative Department has failed to justify his re-employment beyond the age of 68 years. The matter of irreplaceability has also not been justified by the A.D. (b) The policy envisages that there should be no promotion block as a result of re-employment. The department has not certified whether there would be promotion block because of re-employment of Brig (R) A S Nasir affecting the future prospects of young officers or else.

"(c) The policy also envisages the planning for a suitable substitute before the date of superannuation of the officer. In the instant case Brig (R) A. S. Nasir has again and again been re-employed on contract basis



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