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A Synopsis Of Hiv/Aids In South Africa: A Review Of Sexual Behavior Among Adolescents

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Essay Preview: A Synopsis Of Hiv/Aids In South Africa: A Review Of Sexual Behavior Among Adolescents

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Business Research Article

HIV/AIDS in South Africa: a review of sexual behavior among adolescents

This synopsis will discuss the definition of business research and its purpose. I will also explain the business problems under investigation as well as identify the parties involved in conduction the research. Lastly I will describe the methods used to conduct the research project.

The definition of business research according to Business Research Methods, 9e is a systematic inquiry that provides information to guide managerial decisions. It is a process of planning acquiring, analyzing and disseminating relevant date, information and insights to decision makers in order to maximize business performance. (Cooper, Schindler; 2006, P.1) This means that gathering the necessary information on a problem and solving the problem utilizing the researched information will help one come to a better conclusion on the specified problem.

The business research problem I have identified is "HIV/AIDS in South Africa: a review of sexual behavior among adolescents" This research gathers information on the sexual behaviors amongst the 15 - 24 year old age group. With in this age group 15.64% of youths are infected with the AIDS/HIV virus. (Coombe, 2002; Department of Education, 2001) This group of young adults make up 40% of the South African population. (Department of Education, 2001)

Most of the methods used in this research were reviews of medical journals and reviews of earlier statistics and research. Surveys of subjects in the 15 - 24 year old demographic as well is interviews with past researchers, persons affected, and medical staff treating the AIDS/HIV positive patients.

The study found that nearly 55% were sexually active, with 10% having had four or more sexual partners over the last year. Also, the majority of the sexually active students between the ages of 15 and 24 indicated that they were not using condoms. In addition 42.4% of sexually active students believed that having one uninfected sexual partner helps to prevent getting HIV/AIDS. However, very few students believed that AIDS could have any impact on them, and their attitudes toward condoms were extremely negative. In an extensive survey and follow-up among urban black youths aged 16 to 20 years in Soweto, Khayelitsha, and Umlazi, Richter (1996) found that 40% of young women and 60% of young men had had more than one sexual partner in the previous six months, and that condom use was relatively low.

Multiple studies show



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