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A Skill For The Future

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A Skill For The Future

Scott Bundy

Axia College

IT 105

Nye Clinton


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A Skill For The Future

With so many Skills for so many different areas of life, it's hard to tell what skills you might need in the future. The way the world is progressing now shows more potential for the growth of computers for years to come. With the growth rate so high, the demand for computer programmers increases. Everyone could benefit from mastering computer programming with more computers, much faster computers, and the fact that computers will be a part of you day to day life more and more in years to come.

Computers are growing at a very rapid pace. They're growing so rapidly that your new computer will be outdated within about a year. There is always something better and faster coming along. This growth demands people who can operate and program these computers.

Businesses, homes, industries, govornment, almost everything is run by computers. These computers can range from large to small and are used in more things than we think. Collins (2007) states that



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