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A Shop Detained

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Current Event

Ship detained, examined for radioactivity

In this article by the Associated Press, the event of the ship cargo, supposedly being held with radioactivity was taken place in Newark. Neither the US Coast Guards nor the FBI would comment on the investigation. They state that the container ship had a Liberian flag that was posted on the side of the top of the ship. The ship was being held in an off shore security zone after traces of radioactivity were traced in its cargo. One Coast Guard spokesman stated, "That the ship would remain anchored some six miles offshore while the inspection continued to take place." Another man quoted, " As of 10 o'clock this morning, investigators were still on the boat," Petty Officer Gary Rives said. The ship was taken to Port Newark for inspection. However, it was determined that the ship was not a stowaway, or in other words, no evidence of any kind was found. They stated that the 708-foot ship's cargo posed a potential risk to public safety and ordered the vessel to leave the port.

In my opinion, I believe that it was because of September 11th. Although I intended not to write about that certain date, I feel as though this is a different case. I think that the police should have commented more about this event because this is not something small and it is a big deal. The cargo on that ship could have destroyed a big part of Newark, and maybe more.



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