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A Reflection

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OH GOD! Book 2

A quotation in the movie Oh God! Book 2 that struck me most is “sometimes, we don’t see things but we just have to believe in it” for reasons that in life this happens at all times. Everything we experience or believe in is not really in actual encounter but then again, we have internally felt its presence.

In my life for instance, I have always believed in God and will always will. To question the reason for my belief and being able to defend it is not a very easy task because it would require a deep and strong faith to know the boundaries, if ever there is, and the facts as the basis for what I believe. It has always been a critic because various arguments have pondered about the real existence of God in relation to the incidence of many negative forces in life and the counterpart of defense for God. I have not physically experienced Him. I never had encountered Him with my senses. However, being able to see God and to have an uttered conversation with Him, for me, is not the very important aspect of my faith. I regard more importance to the feeling of comfort, hope and serenity God has brought to my life. In addition to that, even if ever God really had occurred to me, spreading it out to friends and the society would only be useless because the community would think it is foolish. They would not believe. It is foolish in a sense that they have generally described God as an invisible nature. Thus, it would be a diversion to the universal certainty of the society towards God.

This leads me further reflect that God is a personal encounter. In the movie, for instance, it was only Tracy who just saw Him and mingled with Him. For me, this means that one gets to closer communicate with God when it is personal and alone. In relation to the quote, I believe that though we really don’t speak to Him face to face, we know for ourselves



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