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A Raisin In The Sun

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Essay Preview: A Raisin In The Sun

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A Raisin in the Sun uncovers the hardships within the black community and how to deal racial oppression of the white community. Through a character named Asagai, the play shows how to appreciate African Heritage. This play was a major breakthrough in the arts for blacks because for the first time there is a black family on stage. Through this play Hansberry touches on major issues, such as racism, discrimination, poverty and even abortion (at a time when abortion wasn't even legal). A Raisin in the Sun portrays difficult questions about a person's identity, such as Beneatha. Beneatha is a strong black woman who is obviously well educated and on her way to becoming a doctor. She believes herself to be a very independent woman, when indeed she is dependant. Asagai, one of the men she is dating, points this out to her. He tells her that she acts as if she is very independent but she is relying on money from her fathers' death to help her reach her dream. He points out to her that where would she be if not for her fathers death and the money that came from it? Asagai also notes on the fact that she straightens her hair (like a white woman) If she was so true to her heritage why would she straighten her hair? Obviously she is assimilating to the white world. George Murchinson is another man she is dating. He is arrogant and successful. His success in life is due to the fact that he fits right in to the white world. George does not like the natural look of Beneatha's hair and asks her to change it back. George seems to live in the white world and knows little of his African Heritage.

A raisin in the Sun depicts many dreams from the whole family. The characters struggle with the circumstances that control their lives. Every member of the family has a different dream. Walter, the son, has a dream to be wealthy and wants to be able to give his family things. He dreams of opening up a liquor store with two of his friends. Walter seems to be the one with the most conflict in this family because he is a man but is not truly a man. As you can see when he finds out his wife is pregnant and Mama asks him to tell her not to get an abortion, in response to this he says nothing and goes out to drink. When Walter loses the money to his crooked friend he is ready to sell out the family by conceding to the white man, Mr. Linder. In the end Walter does the right thing and gains respect of his family. Ruth is Walters's wife; her



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